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New Rhino 6


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Rhino seems very impressive. I know a few architects that use it for massing and other things. I'm actually working with an architect right now that uses Rhino and their model is stellar.



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It's a great software, affordable and extremely versatile for all types of designers. With Rhino 6's ChangeSpace command combined with Rhino 5's updated layout and block manager, I think it will alleviate some of that model-space/paper-space tension for cad users transferring over to the software. One of the hottest new features for the Rhino WIP: the subdivision toolbar. It fills the gap since Autodesk finally discontinued the T-Spline plugin for Rhino in January 2017. When Autodesk bought out T-Splines back in 2011, it was only inevitable that the company would stop supporting T-Splines for Rhino. T-Splines is still available in Fusion360.

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