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BOM Cheat? Qty Value Override

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As a rule, in our BOM the QTY (quantity) equals how many of a part/assembly are

included/inserted in an assembly.

We've recently come across a couple situations where we need to

override that number for a particular item.


As an example, we have Screw X and we want the quantity to equal 100.

Is there a way to get a manually entered QTY to show in the BOM

for only one specific item when the BOM has many lines?

For all the other items I want the QTY to equal the total in the assembly.


It's like I need only 1 line in my BOM to read a Custom Property for this one item.


If this do-able?

Is there a different methodology for accomplishing this?


I really want to avoid inserting 100 instances of this one screw in my top assembly, even if it's a pattern. (If possible)


I know about manually typing in the cell to override that way...

Looking for a "different" option..


Solidworks 2015 (if that matters)


Please Advise



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You can do a manual override but it will break the link to the quantity in the assembly. If you want to restore the link, right click on the cell and select that option.

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I once saw a post about creating a field with a "dummy quantity" that could be read in.

I wish I had saved the post and the link.

Something about setting another field = to the dummy quantity field and then setting an equation

so if the dummy was blank use the actual quantity else use the dummy quantity.


I remember I tried it but couldn't make it work...

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