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Incremental Attribute using AutoLisp


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I am new to AutoLISP world. I am trying to write a code which will edit attribute in incremental numbering with each click on attribute. The easiest way command for it is "ATTIPEDIT".

But I failed use ATTIPEDIT in LISP. Pls help to run this code:



(defun c:DTAG ()
(setq no (getint "\n Enter Starting Number : "))
(setq pt T)
(while pt
 (setq notxt (itoa no))
 (setq pt (getpoint (strcat "\n Select Attribute to be changed ( "notxt" ) < exit > : ")))
 (if pt
  (command "_.ATTIPEDIT" pt notxt)
  (setq no (+ no 1))
 (princ "\n Routine terminated normally by User")
(setvar "CMDECHO" ocmd)
(setq *error* olderr) ;;Restore old error handler





PFA ACAD file to test. Try putting incremental numbers in place of "0".

HVAC Dynamic Blocks 09.02.2018.dwg

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Alternate Method :-


(while (setq pt	(nentsel (strcat "\n Select Attribute to be changed ( "
			 (itoa no)
			 " ) < exit > : "
 (setq e (entget (car pt)))
 (entmod (subst (cons 1 (itoa no)) (assoc 1 e) e))
 (setq no (1+ no))

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Satishrajdev you confused me for a moment I thought the same use nentsel then read your post, first glance Pt so it was looking for a xy point thats strange then realised its the variable name. Just me but 99% of the code here would use Pt Pt1 etc for xyz points. I am not being critical but what I am suggesting is that it would be better to use something like ent att etc as a variable name, particuarly for what appears to be a newcomer to the world of programming.

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Bigal, I know its standard practice what you suggested but I was just trying to simply OP's code and that's why I didn't change his any variable so that as newbie he can understand and learn where to make changes in code accordingly. I use the same standard practice which you mentioned above.

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