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generic materials to 3d solids

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I wish to apply new generic material from google map satelite image to a 3d solid.


The 3d soild (dimension 300m x 150m x 0.1m) will represent the land and will have a cut out of 10m x 14m - where the 3d building will be placed.


First I made a printcreen of google satelite photo. I've cut the image to be in the ratio of 2.5 to 1.5.

Then I created the box of 300m x 150m x 0.1m.

Then I created new generic material of the google satelite image. I changed the size of the material image to 300.000 x 150.000

I applied new material to the box.



1. when i made the cut out to the box, material is all messed up

2. although google satelite image (jpg) is of good quality, quality in acad is poor (image quality is set to high)

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We won't know until the OP returns.


Maybe, If/When they return, we can even get some files to see what's going on.

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