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Piping Utility - creating a cross fitting adds female couplers

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This is a bizarre one, and shouldn't even work. The following example is using generic threaded routing preference.


If I run a pipe off an existing pipe, it puts in a tee. All good. If I click that tee and click the white Plus symbol to add another branch, it will change the tee into a cross. Still all good. But then, MEP adds four female threaded couplers, on all four ends of the cross. And what's even worse, is the cross is a female threaded fitting. How can a female threaded coupler directly attach to a female threaded cross, with no pipe nipple between? The solution tips are enabled, so the fittings show they are connected. It is very strange.


Yes, if I just delete the couplers and drag the four pipes to the cross, they connect just fine.


In my attached image, the left side shows the tee fitting, and the right is the cross with couplers appearing. The properties panel is showing the coupler selected.


Why are these couplers appearing?

Cross Coupling Glitch 01.jpg

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