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Revision Cloud in Microstation Powerdraft


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My question is how to draw a revision cloud in Microstation Powerdraft.

Microstation has a Tools menu that had a cloud draw tool that you couldn't miss - even had a cloud symbol next to the command. I do not see such a tool in Powerdraft.



So the look and feel of powerdraft is very similar to Microstation, only without the 3d editing capabilities. Thus, Powerdraft is very different with regards to the ribbons and toolbars.



I was thinking maybe they removed the cloud tool but this makes zero sense when you consider a revision cloud is a standard 2D entity and Powerdraft is designed for 2D drafting and annotation.



In Powerdraft, there is no "TOOLS" button to find the cloud tool like there is in Microstation. Google searches just took me to examples of this in Microstation v8i(which I already know).


My invoice tells me to use "Bentley Cloud Services" for support but a quick search just brings up a definition of a revision cloud....


You used to also be able to draw a smartline in Microstation v8i and convert it to a cloud using the cloud tool, you could also change the radius of the cloud, invert the cloud, etc. all in one place.



In Powerdraft there is no option to convert a Smartline to a cloud and there is no default linetype for a basic revision cloud either. (A smartline is basically like a polyline in AutoCAD).



I sent in a ticket to the help desk but being the weekend I'm sure I won't hear back today.


But I was curious if anyone here has had experience with the cloud tool in Powerdraft and where to locate it?



Powerdraft uses an annotation ribbon (very similar to how AutoCAD uses ribbons in later versions over the last few years).

But the ribbon does not have any options for revisions clouds. Just text and callouts.



Thank you!




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They used to just call it (in Microstation) Cloud and should be on the annotation ribbon. IIRCC, used to need an add-on until several years ago. Try the Bentley Forums for Powerdraft might be better.

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Thanks! It is in the "Detailing" portion of the ribbon if anyone is curious. Teeny Tiny symbol there.




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