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Dynamic Block - missing Flip Action button, glitch?

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I made a new block a few weeks ago and I've just gone back in to it to add some additional objects. I then notice a Flip param isn't showing a button for the action, so I cant right click it to modify to the selection set? The param itself and the grip look completely normal.


But weirdly any new items are automagically included in the flip action!

So if this is not a glitch, it's something I'd find super useful if I could duplicate it.....but I cant!


If I set BACTIONBARMODE to 0, the oldstyle lightning-bolt shows and things work as expexted i.e new objects arent automatically added to the flip, and I can add them the old way. I set BACTIONBARMODE back to 1 and that single parameter goes back to being magic?


The block otherwise isnt complicated and only has 2 Visibility States and a Block Properties Table in it.

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