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Looking for feedback.

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Hi. My name is Szymon T.


Few days ago I started my adventure with Auto Cad.


I am looking to craft small granite/stainless steel jewellery box.


I have drawn my first drawing and wanted to ask U guys to give me some feedback. Mainly what I have done wrong and what should I improve :-)




Damn I love AutoCad :-)

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Welcome to CADTutor!


The lid needs to be much smaller, you would need something heavy in the bottom to keep it from flipping over.

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True. I will change top from 40 mm to 20 mm and add extra 5 mil layer of granite inside for more balance. Those are not finished dimensions. I need to build prototype first and then think some more.

That was just my attempt to learn Auto Cad a bit.


Thanks for Reply.

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need to think about some sort of handle to open it as granite is such a smooth surface. I would recommend also adding a wider base slab (approximately 12-19mm all around) to offset any tipping.

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Granite? Can you even cut granite that thin?


Possibly look into the Golden Ratio, 1:1.618 it's been used for centuries as the basis for proportional design. In fact, nature, music, and geometry all have it hiding in them.


In music for instance, each note in the western chromatic scale (Fibonacci Scale) varies from the two adjacent notes in frequency by that ratio. That is why frets on a guitar neck are where they are.


In artistic design, and architecture, basically the shape of man made things, it means that to make the box very much more pleasing to the eye, use the ratio. Consider that the bottom section of the box should be 1.618 times taller than the lid. If the lid is 1" tall, then the box section would be 1.618" tall.


The box would also be pleasingly proportional if the box were 4.854" and the lid were still 1" tall.


Our brains are wired to respond to this ratio in a pleasant way, wherever it is found.

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