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VBA change layers


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I am trying unsuccessfuly to switch layers from EXCEL.

This is my code:

Please advise




Public Sub MISKO()
Dim ACAD As AcadApplication 
On Error Resume Next 
Set ACAD = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application") 
End Sub
Dim ACAD As AcadApplication Dim objLayer As AcadLayer
Dim acadDoc As AcadDocument
Set ACAD = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application") 'Get a running instance of the class AutoCAD.Application
Set acadDoc = ACAD.ActiveDocument
Set objLayer = acadDoc.Layers(A$) ‘ < supposed to select this layer passed by A$
End Sub

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The following is from Autodesk Help


Dim newlayer As AcadLayer
Set newlayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("LAYER1")
ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer = newlayer

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katto01 you may want to look into setting variables using vba there are so many "clayer" "osmode" "style" to mention a few Hippe013 has answered layer there is probably a list somewhere vba v's autocad v's LIsp.

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  • 3 years later...

Still don't have a solution. I need to switch between EXISTING layers. Adding a new layer is not helping

Say I have 3 layers L1,L2,L3


I need to select L1 and do something on it, then select L2 and do something on it etc.


Thank you


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