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Comprehensive Understanding Of BIM 360 Services


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Hi everyone,

Our company is interested in switching to Revit, we had couple of projects before however now, we think about getting more into it, we have one seat of Revit and that is it.

As far as I understand we will need to buy subscription for BIM360 Team in order to collaborate with other teams (we are structural consulting firm). However there is a myriad of other services that BIM360 provides.

My questions is can anyone comprehensively explain how collaboration works in Revit, say should we get not only BIM360 Team but also 360 Docs and why? And can anyone share experience of Revit collaboration and how it is usually set up for consultants. Is it architects responsibility to set up collaboration environment or it is consultants responsibility to do so as well? If we buy 360 Team can we connect to architects, or architects will provide us with access to their model, therefore we don't have to buy 360 Team Subscription.

In general there is a lot of articles explaining this on Autodesk Website, but all of them lack practical experience and practical workflows, rather then just dry descriptions of services. Thank you.

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I've been using BIM 360 since its inception. We love it. My team consists of 6 people and I have 6 licenses of it.


As far as collaborating with others, yes it'll absolutely allow you to do it, but the caveat is: they have to invest in this service as well. If they don't invest in it, then there's no way to collaborate, so check your clients and partners you do business with first before you jump in with a belief that they'll all be on board too.


We use it as in-house solution. For the price of each license, we cannot get the same level of service for the money regarding IT services and up-time, unlimited backups of projects, "work from anywhere" solution, or distribution to internal or external clients with web-based 3D viewers. It works well for us, and it's self-sustaining so I don't need to pay an IT company to manage anything for me.


We've only invested in BIM 360 Team, not Docs as there's no need.



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Thank you tzframpton, your answer is exactly what I was looking for. I was exactly interested in intricacies of the application and general experience with the product.

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