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R18 - User left local open overnight, others couldn't open new local

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We had a user that left their local open overnight and this morning the 'create new local' box was grayed out for anyone trying to open a new local. Once the local that was left open overnight was sync'd and closed everyone was able to create locals again.



Anyone know of a reason this would happen?

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Hmm, not sure that I've ever experienced that before. But maybe it's because I've never had a user leave a local open overnight like that. I would like to know the answer to this if you wind up finding out what happened. I'm actually attempted to recreate this scenario myself. We use C4R but we have a couple of jobs that are Central models on our server so we still are doing it the old fashioned way at times.



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I think this might happen if the user gets signed out of the Windows user account with the local still open thus breaking communication between local and central.

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