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Co ordinates

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Hi Guys




Im a setting out /site engineer, Not very experienced in CAD.



I have a drawing from the designer of a site im on but im wanting the actaul site control co ordinates on the file hes given me also the file hes given me is not the correct size to the grid dimensions - Can anyone help?



ie block b ground floor imposed scaling and rotating to Block b R&amp

Block B Ground Floor superimposed (1).dwg

Block B R&S in metres.dwg

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When you get drawings from the site designer, they may use millimetre units, which is only a factor of 1000.


So open the drawing which is in metre units, and set the building grids to where they are on the coordinates of your setting out grid - just move the whole drawing to suit. Then make a new layer in that drawing, and x-ref the designer drawing in, using a scale factor of 0.001. When you x-ref a drawing in, you can move the whole drawing just by grabbing on one line of it. Now align the grids, and you are good to go.


I am not sure that your drawing in metres units is to the correct coordinates, because the grids do not lie East-West and North-South. A setting out grid is for your use only, and you can simplify it to suit you! Keep everything positive!

Setting out grids aligned.PNG

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If you have trouble lining up an XREFed plan with your drawing, ALIGN is a handy command. Give it a point in the xref and the point in your drawing to which it corresponds. Do the same for a second pair of points. You can then use a third pair (which automatically scales it) or allow the command to scale the xref so that the two points match. You may have to adjust it a bit afterwards, but that should get you very close.


Of course, you need two or three points in both drawings that you know are the same. Sometimes that isn't possible. Here's a tip: use points that are as far away from each other as possible, to make it as accurate as possible.

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