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Vertical Wood Grain Hatch Pattern


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently sinking in opened links on finding a vertical wood grain hatch pattern.

I finally found a hatch pattern close to what i have, but now it needs to be rotated by abut 27degrees.

Could anyone please help with this.

Attached is a sample of the Pattern

legno4 - Kopie.pat.txt

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That is a Revit model pattern that can also be used in AutoCAD.



If you are working in Revit, you can

1) rotate a model pattern in situ where it has ben used as a surface pattern

2) use the free HatchKit Add-In for Revit to rotate the fill definition or create another rotated fill within the project.

3) load a pre-rotated pattern from a .PAT file.



If you are working in AutoCAD you can

1) rotate a hatch pattern while specifying a hatched area using that pattern

2) use a pre-rotated pattern from a custom .PAT file.



Here is your posted pattern rotated 27 degrees, suitable for Revit ot AutoCAD:




; Written by HatchKit Team Edition Trial

; HatchKit Team Edition Trial ©1990-2018 Cadro Pty Ltd

; www.hatchkit.com.au/


;-Date : 2018-08-02

;-Time : 15:06:12

;-HatchKit Team Trial Version :

;-HatchKit Team Trial Output Filetype : Revit with HatchKit Add-In









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