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Creo drawing limit tolerance rounding incorrectly


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I've got a drawing in Creo 3.0 that's behaving really strangely. Basically when I try to set limit tolerances on one dimension in a certain view, it changes the value and also rounds it incorrectly.



More specifically, it's an ID of a tube and the dimension is 5.000, with the tolerance being 4.999/5.002. When I set the tolerance to plus/minus, it gives me what I'd expect, but when I change it to limit tolerance it becomes 4.999/5.001 instead. If I increase the decimal places, I see that it's actually changed the value of the upper tolerance to 5.00199999... etc. That shouldn't be an issue though, since it's supposed to round up anyway, but it doesn't. Turns out it does this for anything less than +.004 for some reason. This only happens for this one dimension, and only when using a left side view, not front/back or right side view. I found a temporary fix by setting the upper limit to 5.0021 and rounding off the last digit, but I'd like to nail down the actual problem.



I tried attaching some pictures for reference, but apparently I can't do that from a work computer, and unfortunately I can't attach the files themselves due to non-disclosure rules at my job. Hopefully that's not too much of an issue. Any help is very much appreciated!

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