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Excel to Autocad


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I want to create a standard drawing (example a rectangle with the dimensions of length and width), but the values ​​of the dimensions should be obtained in a result of a formula of an excel cell.



How can I do this? I have only seen how to import and export entire worksheets, but what I need are specific cell values.


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It is achievable and there is lots of examples out there, you can read individual cells so get length and width and draw a rectang.


Now the excel answer is just make a rectang command and copy and paste the result to the command line.

rectang x1,y1 x2,y2 you just use the concatenation command in excel.


The only real question here is what does your excel spreadsheet look like you have to have some way of knowing which cell to read. 


Do a search here 1st for “excel” 


If you provide a sample Xl then someone may have something.

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