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Story-Booking idea for a LISP


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Next step is that I need to join the lines and make the CYAN 1 single polyline. I'll see if I can handle that.

That would be very complex to do, since when you break a line it creates a new one and you don't have any way to retrieve the entities to make the pline. One way would be to collect the coordinate from the original line, and create the 2 broken sections and the notch lines using entmakex, and use the returned enames to create the poly. That might not be an ideal 2nd lesson for a starter tho.


I appreciate everyone's help on this. Much to learn!

I'm glad I could help. If you want to show your appreciation, I think you can upvote/+ the replies to give points to the people that helped you.

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Gotcha, I've been looking for a solution and haven't found one. I suppose I can just select the lines and press J.

I think I upvoted your reply. With the heart?

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Yes, thanks!

It is kind of hard to say without seeing one of your drawings, but if all your outlines are cyan, and only them are cyan, or maybe "by layer" on a separate layer altogether, or any specif characteristic(s)  we could at the end of the lisp, after adding all required notches, retrieve them using ssget. Let'S say that all the outline(s) are the CYAN color (not by layer on a cyan layer), this would join them in polylines as long as line segments touch each other.

(command "pedit" "m" (ssget "_x"'((0 . "LINE")(62 . 4))) "" "Y" "J" "" "")

Basically it launch the polyedit command, multiple (to be able to provide a selection set as the selection rather than 1 entity to start with), get all lines that are cyan (assoc 62 is color, and 4 is the number cyan), and tries to join them. All line endpoint on endpoint will join as 1 pline.

If they are on a single unique layer named "outline", this would work.

(command "pedit" "m" (ssget "_x"'((0 . "LINE")(8 . "outline"))) "" "Y" "J" "" "")


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