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PUBLISH command & sheet setup


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I have moved to a new office with a new computer, and I am trying to set up ACAD to where it PUBLISHes all the sheets to a single PDF, with PUBLISH quality (not plot quality).


I have ten (10) layouts in a drawing, and all the layouts are set up the same way in Page Setup mgr. In page setup manager, for each one of the layouts, I've selected the BlueBeam PDF printer/plotter, an ARCH_E1 _(30.00_x_42.00_Inches) Paper size, a 'Plot style table' set to monochrome.ctb (SHOULD IT BE .stb???) with 'display plot styles' checked. Actually, just see this:


page setup mgr.JPG


Here are the problems:


1. The computer wants to publish by plotting ONE SHEET AT A TIME AND ASKING ME WHAT TO NAME IT AND WHERE TO PUT IT EACH TIME..


2. The quality of the resultant PDF is terrible, and looks like it was plotted individually instead of published (I have noticed a difference between plotting and publishing). See this:


plot vs PUB.jpg


I need some assistance, please!



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This uses standard Dwg to pdf never had any problems with quality, it also uses Ghostscript to make a combined pdf of your singles as well as a range of layout select ability its just 1 of many that have been posted here. Search maratovich as well he has a good publish routine.


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Huh? Publication, I guess, since I am used to running the PUBLISH command. I do not know why I don't use the DWG to PDF... I have had the option to choose 'Bluebeam' as the plot device within AtuoCAD, and thus I have not chosen 'DWG to PDF'. Will this option produce the results I seek (see original post)?




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