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I need a complicated lisp for take information to attributes and choose blocks in cad file.

So, I am working about Building Automation Systems, I am preparing "point list" and " connection diagram" for a project. My manager wants a lisp from me for choose blocks and insert data from excel point list automatic. Can anybody help me for it? I have not any idea about lisp language.(

I am searching some solutions last 2 days. if possible, a lisp will look to point list, choose module type (there are 3 type modules, so 3 blocks.) and draw modules as example and will write module no, cable no (C1-xxx), equipment name and description to attributes.

I attached point list and example blocks to here. Thanks for your helps.


point list.xlsx

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No code just some suggestions


Your dwg its all seperate lines and text for the connections make into block.


1 make a csv file from excel easy part


Read 1 line csv and make a List of that line pull out variables like C10-202, 6-8, insert a block that is the 3 parts, . Insert attribute values. c10-201 has 2-4


I don't do this type of work but some rule in there about 2&4 no 3 etc the symbols change automatically from excel/csv info.


I think its achievable but for me not my industry.

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Had another look you need to make parts of the dwg into blocks start with the G-U-M and the B-M the Cxx-XXX the universal module 1-33.


The 1-33 you can turn attributes on and off so number will disappear, or else put each number in 33 attributes probably easier. The symbols may need additional blocks.


If you post a sample dwg with the excel columns marked would make much easier to think about it.


Lastly this may border on a commercial answer.

Screen Shot 08-17-18 at 05.04 PM.PNG

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