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Found 8 results

  1. PeterPan9720

    Excel interface

    Please somebody can help me in a little issue ? I'm trying to have an excel interface in order to write some drawing blocks attribute excration. Here below code: Dim NUOVA_ISTANZA As Object Dim WRKB As Workbook ' Attribuzione della variabile "Cartella di lavoro Excel" Dim WRKS As Worksheet ' Attribuzione della variabile "Foglio di lavoro" On Error GoTo MESSAGGIO_ERRORE Set NUOVA_ISTANZA = GetObject(, "Excel.Application") ' Attribusce alla variabile "NUOVA_ISTANZA" l'applicazione Excel: se Excel non è aricatot restituisec un errore Set WRKB = NUOVA_ISTANZA.Workbooks.Add ' Attribuisce alla variabile WRKB la cartella di lavoro Excel corrente Set WRKS = NUOVA_ISTANZA.ActiveSheet Now, I got an error message on WRKB As Workbook instruction "User defined type not defined". If I continue without variable dim, later when I'm trying to set an excel sheet formatting as border and other cells formatting With WRKS.Columns(2).Resize(, 3) ' Bordo destro e sinistro colonne coordinate .Borders(xlEdgeLeft).LineStyle = xlContinuous .Borders(xlEdgeRight).LineStyle = xlContinuous .Borders(xlInsideVertical).LineStyle = xlContinuous End With I got an error "Application-defined or object-defined error" Please help me
  2. volkansahin

    Hello everybody,

    I need a complicated lisp for take information to attributes and choose blocks in cad file. So, I am working about Building Automation Systems, I am preparing "point list" and " connection diagram" for a project. My manager wants a lisp from me for choose blocks and insert data from excel point list automatic. Can anybody help me for it? I have not any idea about lisp language.( I am searching some solutions last 2 days. if possible, a lisp will look to point list, choose module type (there are 3 type modules, so 3 blocks.) and draw modules as example and will write module no, cable no (C1-xxx), equipment name and description to attributes. I attached point list and example blocks to here. Thanks for your helps. diagram_example.dwg point list.xlsx
  3. I'm about to receive a bunch of borehole data for a bigger project with x,y coordinates in state plane for each hole and I believe it will be sent as an Excel file. I'd like to add a center-justified text consisting of the borehole name at the x,y coordinate where it should go so I can quickly check out the location of a hole and then look up its other properties by name in the Excel sheet. So far, I'm thinking about concatenating the cells and adding spaces in a separate column in excel so that for each hole I have something like: text j mc 0 x-coordinate,y-coordinate BH120 in a single cell. That way I can copy and paste that line at the CAD command prompt and skip a ton of key strokes going through the text options. I've done a similar workaround, inspired by someone here on the forums, when working with line segments where clients have sent me endpoints in Excel format. It's been great because it's transparent enough that I can forward my spreadsheet on to any one of my coworkers and have them duplicate the process without having to worry about a couple of people in my work group who only have LT and can't use LISPs (I think?). The difference is that while you can exit a line command by putting a space after that entry above, I think the only way to end the text command might be by pressing enter twice and I don't know if there's a way to just concatenate a couple of enters at the end of a line like I can a couple of spaces. The question is, is there a quick cheat that would let me do everything by copying and pasting multiple lines formatted as above all at once from excel without having to press enter after each hole? Is there an arraypath type command that's more well-suited to this instead, since I do have x,y coordinates?
  4. Dear smarties I read a few articles here and there regarding a way to generate multiple drawings from an excel file, but no one had explained step by step on how to do it. So, I am lost half way. I am very new to this kind of things, but I will try to follow, so please go slow on me. here is what I want to fix: 1. I need to automatically generate 10 drawings both in dwg and pdf copied into a folder. 2. All the variables (VAR1 to VAR3) are stored in an excel file. refer to the attached files as an example. 3. I only need to create one original drawing, which will be used to generate all the 10 drawings. Please help EXCEL-VAR.xls ORIGINAL-DWG.dwg
  5. Hello, I have been trying to inport survey data that includes a descriptor into autocad from an excel file, with some prior forum posts on here I've been successful completing that. Now I am trying to change the layers as part of the data entry, the idea being that all my points are on the base layer "0" and that the text goes into either a "Good" or "Bad" layer with different colors. I thought I had this figured out but the "clayer" command doesn't close out when a space is given, does anyone have ideas on what might solve this? I have zero coding/lisp background so hopefully the answer isn't that, any help you could give would be appreciated though. Attached is a sample excel sheet with the two basic sets of info arrangements I have now for comment/review. point+text exemple.xls
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new to AutoCAD lisp and have a couple of questions regarding GetExcel from the GetExcel.lsp functions. I am generating several tables using data from an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains several "Sheets" and a new table will be generated from each sheet. It will be unknown how many "Sheets" the excel spreadsheet will have. I do not see any easy way to find out how many sheets are in the spreadsheet so I wrote a function that will call GetExcel and compare cell "A1" with a known value. This value should be in cell "A1" for all used sheets. My problem is that if a blank sheet is not added as the last sheet my function will fail. I do not know a lot about the GetExcel code but it appears that if a particular sheet is requested and is not in the spreadsheet the function returns the sheet that corresponds to the looped sheet number. For example if a spreadsheet has 3 sheets and you request "Sheet4" it returns the data from "Sheet1". The idea was for the LISP routine to call GetExcel with successive "Sheet" numbers, test "A1" for a particular value, if the value was expected then save the *exceldata@ array to a new variable to get the next sheet. I was also under the impression that the "GetExcel" function opened the excel file, grabbed the data and closed it. When GetExcel is called multiple times a popup is presented prompting the user to "Close all excel spreadsheets to continue". When "OK" is pressed the function works as expected. I'm probably not using the GetExcel code as it was intended but maybe someone can help me out. I have posted some code that I was initially testing with to get the number of sheets in the spreadsheet. TIA (defun GetSheetCount ( excelfile / count continue ) (setq count 1) (setq continue 1) (while (= continue 1) (progn (getexcel excelfile (strcat "Sheet" (rtos count 2 0)) "A1") (if (= (car (car *exceldata@)) "Section Title") (progn (setq count (1+ count)) ) (setq continue (1- continue)) ) ) ) (1- count) )
  7. Hi all, I want to do something, and I don't know how. Here is explanation: I want to draw something in AutoCAD by blocks (which have attributes), and when I export attributes to excel (with 'data extraction') I would like if that data can be automatically linked with CAD attributes, so when I change data in excel and do reload in CAD I can see changes in CAD. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Milan
  8. 19cruthik68

    data link manager. how to

    Last month, I read in the forum about the data link manager and tried to do it as what the user told in the steps, and it works, now i am trying to do it again but it is not working (think i forgot some methods here) can anyone send me the link again or can anyone just please help me to do again about the data link manager command. because i want to use it importing an excel files to autocad. also tell me about apdating the links. thanks
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