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Sort the "Online Users" page?


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Today I visited the Online Users page. At first I thought that I am the only registered user visiting the forum; my name appeared on the first position and all the rest of the page was filled with "guest"-s. And there were 8 more pages. I checked the next pages -also full with "guest"-s. Later I've seen the list being populated with user names. I write this message in the week end, probably that's why just few people is here. My opinion is that in this form, the Online Users doesn't help much. If I am curious who is here, I must check all those pages. Is it possible to have only the registered users showed up in the list and the guests mentioned only by number? Really, I am not smarter if I see that at this moment the visitors of the forum are: guest, guest, guest, guest.....

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And a short update to the previous...

At the end of the page no3 there were Lee Mac and Cadtutor. When I went to the next page, Lee and CadTutor  were there on the top. Having a lot of guests coming and going, the list changes very fast. There is no way to get decent information.

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