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Draftsight - Change rectangle size by typing new dimensions


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Hello there,

I have a novice question, so do not though anything at me.

Draftsight (and Autocad) allows to draw rectangle to precise dimensions by typing horizontal and vertical dimensions.

This is done by selecting rectangle tool in polyline draw menu. > selecting Dimensions option and manually typing horizontal dimension and vertical dimension.

Once both dimensions are specified, Draftsight draw a rectangle. 

One rectangle appear on the screen, is it possible to edit the size by typing new dimension rather than dragging one side of a rectangle ?

If yes, could someone show me how it can be done.

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Simple answer No. Others will correct if I am wrong.

A simple way AutoCAD based is to create constraints then you can just change the size of the rectangle by changing  values.

Another work around draw a 1x1 sq make it a block now change the x or y scale to what you want. All done. 

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As BIGAL mentioned, you can use constraints.

  1. Create a rectangle.
  2. Go to the Parametric tab and click on Linear dimension.
  3. Click the center of the two vertical lines and the place the dimension above or below the rectangle.  You can change the value now or later.
  4. Click the center of the two horizontal lines and the place the dimension to the left or right of the rectangle.

You can change the two value at any time to update the size of the rectangle.  You can control which sides get moved by adding a Fix constraint.

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You only need 1 block that is parametric and can be dimensioned as well, a couple of minutes to make a 1x1 rectang. Copy - paste, palette, menu, ribbon etc available every dwg.

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