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Quest for Peace

Dynamic Block Stretch Error

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Quest for Peace

Apologies if this is asked and answered. I can't find it.

I have a dynamic block that is fairly complex. I select it to highlight the grips, I pull a stretch grip up. The block looks horrible, things that are supposed to stretch don't. Or what's almost worse is 1/2 of a line will stretch. I then leave the block highlighted and type "bedit" and the command line. When the editor selector opens, the block is already highlighted because I left it highlighted. I enter the editor.

Here's the weird/magic part. I need to change something. Anything, no matter how small. I've learned that all I have to do is change the zoom - so I give my scroll wheel a little 'flick'. Then I close the editor with changes saved. When the block in the drawing reappears, it's perfect. Not ugly any more, all the issues have corrected themselves.

I believe several of my more complex dynamic blocks all do this. Attached is a gif with a visual of the above description. I've also attached the block itself. This has been going on for years, I upgrade each year with the hopes it is resolved. Right now I'm on 2018. I believe I tried 2019 last spring, but now I'm not sure I remember that properly. It happens on my computer, as well as at least 4 other computers attempted by co-workers. And it doesn't happen every time, it's almost like a setting in the drawing it's inserted into. However, every one of our drawings starts from the same template file. 

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


1-Line Inverter Hor w AIC.dwg

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