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Parallel lines


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Helo folks,

I have an iregular polygon and I want to make several parallel lines with 14m between them. I need to have least lines as possible. There's a plugin called Agrocad that can perform it, but it's very expensive. Anyone knows any free solution?

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-30 at 14.58.18.jpeg

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If you are using meters I would imagine you have a metric template, otherwise you would need to play with the numbers, but using the hatch pattern "lines" with a scale of "4,409.448818" will draw lines every 14m within your area, you can adjust the angle to suit your layout and then explode the hatch.


Though it might be better to create a hatch patten that uses a 14m spacing if you do this more often, the standard line hatch spacing is 3.175 (14,000/3.175=4,409.448818)


Imperial hatch for lines uses .125 spacing so a scale of 112,000

*LINE-14m,Parallel horizontal lines
0, 0, 0, 0, 14000


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Am using the hatch pattern lines of scale of "6,480.559973". Still am unable. Am too facing the same problem please help me too. Thanks and Regards, Robert Hustly.

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Like steven-g the hatch pattern line has 0.125 as the default spacing so make a new pattern with correct spacing, then add to "acad.pat" this holds the hatch patterns. so if working metric just make as next for a metre scale 14000 for mm.

*LINE14, Parallel horizontal lines
0, 0,0, 0,,14.0

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Having problems saving mistake in post  above


*LINE, Parallel horizontal lines
0, 0, 0, 0, 14.0


Save in say Line14.pat and put in your supported path in my case its where I keep my lisps, listed in Autocads support paths. Do hatch and pick the pattern "Custom" button and pick line14, yes it works just tested.

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