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extracting attributes from all thawed blocks in model space

myoujou cain

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OK, so i have a "master" drawing with 78 separate layers that represent different options. on these layers i have objects with attributes that represent specific parts. i want to write an lisp that will extract 3 specific attributes from all of the blocks currently thawed and print them to a text file. i have tried using the data-extraction command but it seems to want to select all the block in the drawing unless i select them by hand (something i would like to avoid if possible). any ideas on how to approach this?


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1st thing need a sample dwg.


2nd have you done any lisp programming noting posts 1


3rd do the block attributes have different tag names ?


4th it sounds like you want some form of filtering compared to all blocks ? 

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thanks BIGAL,

1st: i have attached an example, there are 2 layers. and 1 block. i want to extract the 5 attributes on that block for only the visible layers i.e. "0" and "layer1" without "layer2" witch is frozen.


2nd: i have done a little lisp programming but have much more experience in java. this is my first post because normally i can figure it out based on the large amount of examples on the internet.


3rd: sort of, the blocks will have lots of attributes, but the 5 attributes i want to extract will all have the same names.


4th: depends on what you mean, i want filtering compared to the extract data command when the whole drawing is selected. however in the command line when asked to select objects, the "all" command would be sufficient.

example 1.dwg

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