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Learning Bricscad


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For anyone wanting to find out more about Bricscad  here is a link to hundreds of short 2 or 3 minute tutorial videos each covering different topics
















There is also a series of books offered freely that cover Bricsacd

BricsCAD for AutoCAD users (348 pages)

Inside BricsCAD V18 (386 pages)

Customizing BricsCAD V18 (590 pages)


There is a complete training course covering the basics which is apparently over 36 hours of content from “Ron Myers - Summit Learning & Technology” which looks to be free as well, though you do have to register.


And quite a few blogs are now covering Bricscad






For anyone wanting to try out the program here are links to download a 30-day trial





Bricscad also has a free program called Shape which gives you the chance to build models using the same tools as are found in the full program. It's a really good way to try out all the 3D modeling tools. Without the 30 day limit The file format is DWG just the same as all the other flavours of Bricscad so if you are doing an initial sketch or developing a complete drawing package in Bricscad, turning your model into a BIM model or using the sheetmetal upgrade, it always remains the same DWG file, with the same commands



And if you come across a problem with the program or even have ideas to improve it then there is always support, and any questions here are sent directly to the people developing the program.

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7 minutes ago, tzframpton said:

Good idea Cad64. I really am hoping BricsCAD comes out with an MEP BIM platform. 




Yes, I'm excited for this company and looking forward to seeing them grow and become a real contender in the CAD world.


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They have been around for 20 years, and I only heard about it last year, but since then I am steadily becoming more and more impressed not only with the program itself but the quality of support, some say it still has a way to go, but in quite a lot of areas it is already way ahead of some Autodesk products, and for my needs it would be a no-brainer which product to use. So what are the major requirements in the world of MEP, it's one area of construction I have never been involved with.

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13 minutes ago, steven-g said:

So what are the major requirements in the world of MEP, it's one area of construction I have never been involved with.


For starters, they need a package that has intelligent content directly related to MEP items, like Ducts, Pipes, Conduits, Equipment, etc. From there, engineering and calcs would be good, and of course BOM's. 



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There might be some of that available as an app I didn't think to add that above, but there are hundreds available. I just did a quick search on BOM and got 15 results, though I don't know how relevant they would be.

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