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need help in my autocad 2017 project pennfoster

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What have you done so far?

Post your CAD file or screenshots of your work and ask specific questions about things you're not understanding.


Also, browse through the "Student Project Questions" section. A lot of Penn Foster questions have already been asked and answered, so you will probably find a lot of useful information there: https://www.cadtutor.net/forum/forum/60-student-project-questions/

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There was no need to attach the project PDF file.  All you had to do was mention the Oleson subdivision project.  I've answered practically every question that has been asked in reference to this Penn-Foster project.  I have also included numerous image files to further aid P-F students in completing said project.  Unless you have a question that has not been previously asked I would recommend looking at previous threads relating to the Oleson project as Cad64 suggested.


The steps for completing the project are outlined in the project PDF file.  Start by creating the benchmark block and properly locating it in your drawing as per the coordinates given in the instructions.  This of course assumes you have created the proper layers, etc. as outlined in the instructions.

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