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CAD Panacea

Revit 2019 – My Top 5 Favorite Things

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CAD Panacea

In case you haven’t seen them, the new features in Revit 2019 are listed here.

Favorite Feature #1: Levels in 3D View. Seriously, where has this been all of our Revit lives? I read somewhere that users are already frustrated that when you use a window selection in 3D, it also selects the level. Or, clicking and dragging can move the level. Easy solution…pin the levels (you don’t want them to move anyway), and then turn off the “Select Pinned Items” option in the Selection Tools.

Favorite Feature #2: Multi-Monitor Support. Shut up. Finally, you can drag a view by its tab to another monitor. Wait, what tabs?

Favorite Feature #3…Tab Views! No more sorting through the drop-down list of views, or cascading views to see what is open. Probably one of my most favorite features. Click and drag the tabs to rearrange the order in the drawing window, or drag a Tab View to a separate monitor. Forget CTRL-TAB (although that still works to toggle through views)!

Favorite Feature #4: Renaming Views with a Slow Double-Click (or two single-clicks?). Instead of right-clicking on a view and selecting the Rename option, it is now possible to click on a view, (pause), click again, and rename the view in the Project Browser. It saves a click or two. But, it’s the little things.

Favorite Feature #5: Split Railings. Yes, railings in Revit can be painful. But now, you can split a railing using the Split tool. Each portion can then be edited independently. It just adds a bit more functionality to railings that we didn’t have before. Again, little things.

That’s just a few of the features that stood out to me. Revit 2019 is packed with many improvements. What are your favorites? Do you have ideas or wishes for Revit? You can submit them on the Revit Ideas forum, and the AUGI Wish List. The folks at Autodesk really do pay attention!

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