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Hatching problems with splines


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why is that if you draw an area with a lina and some part with a spline and try to hatch the area inside it hatches like there is an open loop and the hatch will go ouside ?


is there a easy way to check where is the open loop if you connected the lines wrong somewhere but the distance is so small that you cant see it

the only way i found is ultra zooming on corners and connections wich isint very efficient :/

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Try picking on your spline to get the grips. pick last grip and move towards the end point of line. with endpoint osnap select towards the end of the line.


Only way to be sure two end points are in the correct position.





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i had this same problem while drawing some chainlink fence elevations, i didnt want to show all of the chainlink mesh so i used a spline to make it look nice, but all i had to do if it went outside the trim line was to use the trim command and trim off any excess hatching, seemed to work for me

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I have been struggling with this and just realized there were two factors to why my hatches kept looking outside the bordering splines for the hatch border.  The obvious fixes were talked about by snapping, or even better, using the trim function to meet the splines precisely. But I was still having problems and realized that another spline edge/end that connected at another point had actually crossed over the boundary spline, but once I pulled the end of that spline from crossing my boundary spline the problem went away and the hatched filled as desired.

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