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Blocks with polyline functionality

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Is it possible to create a dynamic block which retains or replicates he behavior of the polyline example below?

First  3 images are how I would like the object to behave, last image is a feeble attempt at adding a stretch action and testing it as a block.

I have a tendency to over complicate things so I thought I'd see if there are any simple solutions available that I am missing before I start going to far.


Thanks in advance!


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Have you tried adding extra vertices at the points where the segment will move out? In other words, the interior segment will already have segments at either end, but they will start with length=0. As far as I know, you can't add vertices to a polyline without editing the block, so you'd have to do it ahead of time.

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Hey, thanks for your reply.


I had extra vertices on points A & B in the pic below. (Which I believe is what you were suggesting above)



I was just going about it backwards, turns out I just needed to sleep on it! 

Solved it in 5 minutes this morning. I wanted the block to be a nice neat square but I think that created an issue when specifying the stretch frame as I was unable to omit one of the two vertices on A or B. Solved by simply creating the stretch action while the object was in the position shown below which enabled me to specify the points.




I can actually revert it back into a square just like I wanted it to appear by default and it functions as desired.

So it turns out that I just had to think 'outside the box' 

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