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Is cad worth it on 13" 4k Screen


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Thinking of getting a new ultrabook laptop (13 inch). Everybody keeps saying how 4k is a waste on such a small screen. Both in terms of money and almost double power consumption. I wonder if 4K for CAD environment is worth it, even in such a small screen and worth the investment


Has anybody experienced this to tell me first hand, or should i stick with good ol' Full HD Monitor

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I guess it could work and if all you're doing is viewing 2D stuff. But as Dolly Parton always said, it's like trying to put 50 lbs of mud in a 5 lbs sack.

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Whats wrong with 1024 x 760 or 640 x 480 better still a green monochrome screen ! I grew up with a green screen and every one said wow look at that. What you have colour !


$k looking at your 13" screen from 4' away may be worth it. 


How many of us reach for their glasses to read their phone, go less spend the extra on a 24" 4k external screen.

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Looked a little more into it and it seems At least for the 13 to be a definite no no..


Lots of issues with display scaling and not much more to gain. And the battery drain is brutal


Still wondering though if on the 15.6 could yield any advtanges. I'm looking into making a move for the Dell XPS 15, and 4k is something i'm still considering




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