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Dynamic Block that best-fit floats around its insertion point

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Hi all,


ACAD 2011-2018


Is it possible to create dynamic blocks that will automatically best-fit float around its insertion point?


Scenario. Lets say I have a dynamic block definition with 5 separate text attributes (stacked vertically on top of each other, centre aligned) and a leader arrow underneath (who's arrow point acts as base point/insertion point). We've then got a point parameter which we can drag to shift the 5 text attributes out of the way (if they're covering up something where they've been placed in the drawing for example), and the non-pointy end of the leader follows it to point back to where it was originally inserted.


Lets say I need to insert 2 of these blocks pretty well next to each other, I insert both, then have to drag one chunk of text attributes out to the left, and the other chunk of text attributes out to the right, to avoid them pretty well sitting on top of each other.


Is it possible in some way to have AutoCAD 'best fit' the two blocks in this case? Whereby it could automatically best fit both of them out of the way of each other so they don't overlap? You can extend the example scenario to 3,4,5,10 adjacent blocks to see where it becomes a bit time consuming having to manually try and best fit them yourself.


Any thoughts?



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Its called fuzzy logic, there is some software out there for particular tasks moves the text around but it does not necessarily give a 100% answer.


You could do a bounding box around each dynamic block and check for a clash, but again its a real hard is this the right spot , perhaps a press enter for ok any other key for have another go and rotation wise move the block. Say a simple 30 degrees per press.

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