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Trouble with Dynamic Annotative block

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I'm somewhat familiar with annotative blocks, but new to Dynamic blocks.  The block I am trying to create is both dynamic and annotative, and isn't working the way I intended.


I'll try to describe it, but I have also included an image.  I want to use a block for Stair Up / Stair Down notes.  Text will say Stair Up or Stair Down, and a line with a dot at one end and arrow at the other.  Currently, the line can be stretched at either end to match the length of the stair, and flipped depending on the direction I need it to go.  As long as it's not annotative, it works great.


When I make it annotative, however, all the graphics are adjusted.  This is normally fine, but in this case, I need the ends to stay in the same place.  The dot, arrow and text should change based on the drawing scale, but the ends shouldn't move.  I thought I could just drag the dynamic endpoints as needed in each scale, but it ends up changing the endpoints in every scale.


Is there a way to make this happen?



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