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Dimensioning question.


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You did pretty well, although I would have added a few more dimensions.

I don't understand what the 3X prefix is meant to convey on your Diametric dimensions.

In your Front View you have not dimensioned the clevis which at the bottom on the right end.

Dimensions between hole centers are usually a good idea, could stand a couple more.

I'd also add a couple dimensions to your Top and Right views.

The ones you have are good, but incomplete.

Use the DIMBREAK functionality to break intersecting dimension lines.

Too busy to show you what I mean right now, take another shot and repost.  :)


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Three things immediately come to mind. 1) Top view - I would move the reference to the diameter of the hole on the left side over to the right side and avoid crossing an extension line with a leader.  2) Front view - I would move the R.625 notation to the other side so the leader doesn't cross an extension line.  3) AutoCAD has a dimension break feature that could be used to break extension lines that cross each other.

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