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Sheet Set: Insert Sheet List Table Content Format/Template Issue

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Good Day to all,


Has anyone figured out how to keep AutoCAD from resetting the sheet list table?

I am sure this has been discussed many many times, but I can't find a fix for this.

for my problem If I need to created a new sheet with a sheet list table on it, I can't use the one I made from the other sheet because it acts like the same sheet list table.

When I create a new one for that sheet all my column settings go away and i got to add them again. It's not a huge deal, but if I am not in the office it makes it a challenge for others.

hit me up if this is solvable.

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Not sure what you mean by "all my column settings go away"?


I created a Sheet List table on a sheet, and added an extra column.

Then I switched to a different sheet, and added another Sheet List Table, and the same custom column was there. I did not have to add it again.

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I am not getting this result....

I get a basic sheet set index that cad loads. all my settings are not being saved

What am I doing wrong? 

I have 7 columns on my index sheet.

(For example I have 130 sheets and the index is to long to fit on one sheet)

I create a new index sheet in the same dst file manager.

Go to my sheetlist manager, second mouse click insert sheet list table and it goes from 7 to 5 columns.



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