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multile view help


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can someone create a DWG file compatible with AutoCAD 2017 showing me a multiview of this image from view top view right side view. This is for college I need it before9 am tomorrow. I cannot for the life of me pull the dimensions from the drawing I do not even know where to start. I can draw in cad just fine use all the basic tools line poly line copy mirror fillet chamfer and array ect... I just cannot make three view of this drawing if you cannot even get the first you're right you cannot pull dimensions for the other views so I can't get the first view done I can't get any of them. Complete with hidden line centerline's object lines please and thank you very much what are you doing here bud for a part for my physical in my UA make sure you all know how to go to up your tubing or something like that Santa Cruz


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You are really asking a lot for someone who just joined the forum.  While it is totally proper to request assistance it is not a good idea to ask someone here to create the drawing for you just so you can turn around and hand it in as your own work to your instructor.  I certainly would not do it.  You are the student.  It's your assignment.  Many of us have been in the same position and we found the time to do our own drawings.  The responsibility remains with you.  How else are you going to learn?


What have you created so far?  Post an image or attach a copy of your drawing.  


I would start with creating all the parts of the drawing that are not shaded including any necessary reference (i.e. - centerlines).  The same reference lines can be offset to locate other parts of the geometry.   

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