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Should MEP mechanical engineer learn the electrical part

Sam Ali

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I'm a recent graduate in mechanical engineering. I know MEP has Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and fire safety parts. 

As a mechanical engineer or a mechanical designer, should I learn the electrical part? 

Thank you,

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I think this varies from country to country. I did some work with MEP engineers from eastern Europe, and there one person handled all three disciplines. While that sounds convenient to everyone around you I believe it's too much to ask from a single person. HVAC and piping are already huge technical fields, and in order to stay up to speed with regulations, new products and technologies I think it's more than enough for one person to work only with HVAC and piping. That is unless you work in some niche that only deals with a minor portion within MEP. If I was to be asked to learn the electrical trade just well as I know pipes and ducts I believe it would be too much to handle. It's always handy to have some basic electrical knowledge, but I don't think you should learn it inside and out.

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