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Cast in Place Concrete Drawings


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Hi there, i'm new to Autocad and these forums. I don't know if this is the appropriate board or if I'm in the right place but I hope someone can help.


I'm a student learning CAD and I have an assignment to create some drawings for cast in place concrete. My notes say that precast concrete drawings have framing plans, sections and connection details which make up the engineering drawings. But in the cast in place drawings section it just talks about the engineering drawings (which only show layout and sections) and placing drawings that are almost the same as the engineering drawings but with more detail. Should the cast in place drawings also have framing plans? Otherwise how will anyone know where to put these? I get that the connections may not be required as it's cast as one element and the sections are already shown, I'm just not sure about the framing.


Grateful for any help!




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The contractor gets a drawing (or drawings) showing what the finished structure will look like.  This may include such things as a plan view, one or more elevations, one or more sections (as required) and any special details.  The drawing does not show the contractor how to construct his framing.  That's his job; that's what he is paid to do.  The contractor will also acquire any rebar or other special order items (ex. - wall sleeves, anchor bolts, leveling plates, etc.).


What is being designed?  Is it a concrete pad, retaining wall, foundation with footing, pile cap or something similar? 

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