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REVIT Family files


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I'm looking to gain a little understanding of how Revit files work and what information they contain.


To put you completely in the picture I work for a lighting manufacturer and we produce revit files for our luminaries.


These are files for each range of luminaire. So they contain information on ostensibly the same luminaire but they vary in length/width and performance. Once imported into revit the client would then select the precise luminaire required for his project.


Is this standard practice as we have a client asking for an individual file for each specific luminaire ?


What are the possible issues with his request as our product manager is refusing to do this ?


I only have a very limited knowledge of REVIT and I am just trying to ascertain whether our product manager is being unreasonable in refusing to do this.

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I do not have as much information as I'd like from your initial post, but I'm wondering if the requesting client is asking for an exact product submittal replica in Revit of their luminaire. 


From what it sounds like, you product parametric light fixture families that can be adjusted to proper LxWxH, etc. Is your content generic or is it specific? I'd need to see an example of your product catalog in Revit to determine that. I will agree with your product manager to a point on manufacturers refusing to provide unreasonable requests, so as long as the content is well built and only requires few tweaks on the user's end of things. But that's contingent on how well your content is, and what exactly the request is from the end user. 



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Refusing to please a client is not good for business but this request should be fairly easy for the client to do themselves. I alter families from manufacturers to suit our needs on a regular basis. Usually it's either removing stuff that is too detailed or making changes to linework for graphic reasons.

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