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OLE in VP w/ Visual Style Getting Cropped in PDF

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Title says it all.  I have an OLE in modelspace.  When plotting to PDF, the OLE shows up fine in the viewport UNLESS I change the viewport style to anything OTHER than "2D Wireframe".  Once I change it, the OLE gets cut off (the top and left side of the OLE isn't plotting) in the resulting PDF.  The border of the sheet plots, as well as all the notes, so it's not as if the entire plot is cut off - only the OLE within the viewport.  Changing the viewport back to "2D Wireframe" fixes the cropping of the image, but I'm unable to apply transparency to the OLE that will show up in the PDF if I have the viewport on that style.


EDIT: This problem also happens if I leave the viewport on 2D Wireframe, but change the "Shade Plot" variable to anything else.


EDIT 2: This does not happen with a Raster Image.  OLE's only.

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