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Cross Section Labels


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I am using Civil 3D 2017, I am not new to Civil 3D, I have been using it on and off for the last 6 years. to design a new footpath which will run along an open field. I have given an outline of what I have done so far below.


I have created an alignment, made my own vertical profile, assembly and created a corridor. From the corridor I have created a surface of the proposed route.


Target width of the route is taken from polylines. Daylights are set to intercept existing ground (surface).


From here I have created sample lines at 5m intervals, selected data to sample and created multiple section views.


The trouble starts here; the only levels I can get, proposed and existing with their offsets, is for a curb attached to the assembly I created.




so I then look to see if the labels are all in the same selection, they are not:






the following is some notable data




I've tried making some of the labels visible but they don't appear correctly on the cross section, and aren't what I'm looking to do here






this is really quite confusing, any advice would be greatly appreciated


Many thanks





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Dealing with cross sections is like putting the top floor on a house of cards--if anything on the lower floors is off, you're in trouble. My first suggestion would be to double-check the correspondences between the surfaces, the alignments, the assembly, the corridor, etc.. There are option windows (not exactly hidden, but not obvious or intuitive either) that manage those connections. Those gave me a lot of headaches when I used Civil 3D. Since you are getting labels, but not on the entity you wanted, my guess would be that some of those correspondences need to be redefined.


My other suggestion would be to post your drawing. I don't have Civil 3D, but someone else may be able to diagnose your issue.



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Thank you for taking the time to reply


I spent further time looking at this and found when I created the corridor surface, I added links top the 'curbs', not the 'tops'. Changed to 'Tops' and now have labels everywhere!


This took such a long time, but i've learned a whole lot from my mistake and how Civil 3D works.



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