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Adding Point Numbers


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Could anyone help me please?


I currently use CAD 2016 for setting out groundworks on site. I have taught myself with the help of online videos etc and am making slow progress. 


I am stuck on how to import and export points to and from my drawings and total station control unit.


I will try to explain the typical process that I'm trying to understand.


From an existing .dwg I want to add and select multiple points and export them to my control unit. I can currently do this but cad labels the points automatically and I would like to control how they are numbered. 


I'm certain it's easy but I can't seem to find any video that answers my problem.


Thanks in advance for any advice or hints.

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In my experience, CAD is not sufficiently intelligent to number points as you want them to be, particularly when selected wholesale.


I always had to pick them in the order that I wanted them numbered.


However, someone might have built in some AI somewhen, but it is probably on most people's wish list.

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Civil 3D has several tools for handling points. It's difficult to give you a clear answer without knowing how you want to number the points. If you only want to put them into sequentially numbered groups, you might export them to a text file from the source drawing, replace the first digits of your point numbers (depending on your scheme), and import them into your destination drawing. You can probably do the same thing with labels.

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Referring to another bit of civil software point renumbering is possible but you have to start at a number that is not used, so we would use a number like 500 as a start, knowing we only have a couple of hundred points.


You say Cad auto numbers so how are the points being imported ? Are you using Civ3D ? If so points can be renumbered.


Provide more info about what is a "POINT"

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