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Cable length report


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I want to measure the cable length from a Camera to the Network switch. Since it won't be a straight route (there will be multiple bends), i want to measure the length of each bend along with a Tag for identification purposes.

For example, I have attached a part plan in which i drew a cable from CCTV camera. Here I want to measure the length of
L-A to L-B
L-B to L-C
L-C to L-D
L-D to L-E
more importantly, the tags should be present in the cable schedule/report.
Is there way i can do that?
Thanks in advance

Cable Length with Tag.pdf

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This is posted in wrong spot should be in say Lisp programming.


If pline is straight's then easy just get co-ords of the pline, Its then a pythagoras theroem to get lengths.


There are various examples here of getting pline co-ords, do you know any lisp ?





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Thanks for your reply and Apologies for posting in the wrong location. With regards to my lisp knowledge, i am a beginner for ACAD. so i don't have any lisp knowledge.


My concern is getting an individual line length along with a tag instead of whole Pline length. As i said in my previous example, i want a report like the one below


L-A to L-B   -   10 meters
L-B to L-C   -   15 meters
L-C to L-D   -   15 meters
L-D to L-E   -   20 meters
L-A to L-E   -   60 meters (total length)
Is there any lisp available for this?
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