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Found 19 results

  1. I have created a new pipe catalogue from existing steel pipes catalogue. This is showing in my catalogue editor, but when I am defining pipe routing preference these new catalogue items are not showing up. what step am i missing?
  2. Hi, I want to measure the cable length from a Camera to the Network switch. Since it won't be a straight route (there will be multiple bends), i want to measure the length of each bend along with a Tag for identification purposes. For example, I have attached a part plan in which i drew a cable from CCTV camera. Here I want to measure the length of L-A to L-B L-B to L-C L-C to L-D L-D to L-E more importantly, the tags should be present in the cable schedule/report. Is there way i can do that? Thanks in advance Cable Length with Tag.pdf
  3. bobbyboynyc

    Mep hvac

    MEP DrawTech 646-884-3340
  4. Hi I work for an engineering consultant who is stepping into the Revit mine field for the first time. I have limited experience in using revit but no experience at all regarding the linking of the various engineering disciplines. We will be having electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineers working on the model at various offices. There will also be external architects involved along the course of the scheme as well, again who will be based outside of our office. What is the most suitable way to link each discipline where you can only alter your own discipline elements? What is the best way to back up and save files? Anyone got any procedures for carrying this out please that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. npatrcevic

    MEP2014 : Labels with units

    Good day. The problem is as follows : I have a sized & calculated duct system and I want to label it. The label(s) should contain dimension (%%c in mm), flow velocity ( m/s) and flow quantity (m3/h). When I use engineering property sets from extendend data I can only get a label to show a numerical value or a string value of the unit (m/s). How can I accomplish a label which shows all 3 values with units? It doesn't have to be a label, can be a dynamic block or whatnot, the simpler the better. I'm not an advanced mep user, but have been using acad for about 5 years. Thank you for the help!
  6. bissani

    MEP Duct reduced from one side only

    Hey experts, How can i reduce a duct from (H=600 & W=400) to (H=600 & W=300), noting that i don't want it to be reduced by 50 from each side. What i need is to reduce it by 100 from one side only. In other words, one side of the duct will remain flat, while the other side will be reduced by 100. Hope i made myself clear, Your urgent help would be highly appreciated!
  7. tzframpton

    Unistrut Member Style for download

    I was working in a project last night that the general contractor "required" dimensionally accurate Unistrut supports, "to spec". They weren't happy with my 2x2 angle, even though it still served the same purpose in the model. So I got a little fancy and created a Member Style and thought I'd share. I like how it turned out. Enjoy. Hope y'all like it and can get some use out of it. *EDIT* Just in case, this is an AEC Structural Member Object, so AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP will be able to use this style. Member Style - Unistrut.dwg
  8. dgohman

    AutoCAD MEP 2013 Part Question

    This is my first time posting so I am not sure if this is in the right category. I am trying to create undefined ductwork in AutoCAD MEP 2013 with single line. Then convert it into double line using the Calculate Duct Sizes. It always converts my branches into Tee's with a 90 Degree Angle. Is there a way to have it use a wye or create a custom Tee that can use a 45 Degree Angle? Thanks
  9. the13thson

    AutoCAD MEP Newbie

    I recently started a new job as an Electrical Engineering Consultant at a company which does mostly government work (schools, hospitals, standardised government buildings). I do the plugs, lights, power requirements of these buildings and have to draw up Distribution Boards, do load calculations, Lux calculations, etc. As the only electrical engineer in the office, I was tasked with setting up the AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP (which I was told is where I should design the electrical parts). I'm quite confused as I know the basics of AutoCAD but nothing of this MEP. I was told that MEP can help setup all of the work I do (DBs, load calculations, etc) while I'm drafting the electrical plans of buildings. Is this true? I haven't found much evidence of this anywhere. Also, my company has not set up any of the elements of any libraries (which I have no clue how to do). Is there any fast way to do this? Thanx for any help. The13thSon
  10. The Santo

    Duct lengths

    Can anyone tell me if I can split a run of duct into standard lengths automatically. The same as ACAD MEP, below: I've already looked online but only see comments like split it manually which would be a bit of a pain with a complex building. (I'm issuing full schedules to a fabrication company, I can't just send them GA type dwgs to take-off). Ta' much.
  11. The Santo

    How do you 'model' your project?

    I'm evaluating Revit MEP at the moment. Unless I'm missing something, I'm not too impressed with the basic structure presets and manipulation so I've been using Inventor to quickly throw a structural frame together then importing into Revit. My question is how do you go about designing a building? Do you use multiple programs? See the image below for reference, I have to create all shown from scratch (our building drawings are being supplied in pdf only): To complete this I'm using: 1) Inventor - the structural frame (basic as possible, mainly standard PFC and Beams mitred to suit); the floor slabs; custom components not to be repeated. 2) Revit MEP - walls, doors, stairs, railings, duct, cable tray etc Is this common? My boss would ideally prefer we had an all in one solution. I've made an extreme sideways step in my career from manufacturing design (using Inventor) to these building services type drawings recently so, without meaning to sound daft, I'm asking myself "maybe I am making an arse of this?" . Thanks a bunch.
  12. The Santo

    ACAD MEP - Plotting

    In desperate need of help! Is there a 'special' set up for plotting in MEP? What I want to do is have shadeplot "hidden" on my viewport but keep the duct centrelines. We don't want to send our client 2D wireframe type drawings AND we don't want to have to manually re-do the centrelines.
  13. I am in the process of converting our drawings from 2D to 3D I need to change or make a diffuser from our standards to 3D what would be the command or procedure. Appreciate your help.
  14. Hi there, we recently updated our suite to 2013 (not recomended) we broke the company rule of waiting for the first update to be released before doing any upgrading, but we wanted to see if some of the new features would help with what we might be getting into. I know that 2013 has the new format that autocad updates every 4 years bla bla bla. All of the projects we are working use the old file format, so we save to the 2010 option. I have several lights that I created devices for in 2013, when this file is saved as a 2010, and brought into Navis or MEP 2012 all of the lights are inserted at the insertion point of the world coordinate system (under additional information in the properties box). Has anyone else had this problem? I have changed proxy graphics, blocked things, ex.... If you have found a way around it I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you to all of those who have sharred other information in this forum in the past!
  15. We are a plumbing and HVAC contractor looking for a 3D piping package for coordination drawings and prefabrication in the future. We do not do sheetmetal. I have heard that Revit MEP is overkill for what we are doing but on the otherhand also heard its the future. We are leaning twords AutoCad MEP but have been told that the librarys are not as up to date as a product like CadPipe or TSI which i believe are add ons?? Both CAD operators are very comfortable with AutoCad. It seems that alot of companies have revit models available for their equipment. If we went with a package other then Revit are these useless or can they also be imported into AutoCad MEP? Thanks in advance for he feedback.This forum has been a huge help to me.
  16. Hello everyone, I have some questions... I know that custom duct/pipe fittings have to be created as parametric parts, not MV parts. But from my humble experience of spending more than 48 hours trying to create a rectangular concentric Y branch duct fitting, I say no more messing with the AMEP parametric part builder! The user interface is too difficult, (I mean come on, I can't even use the UNDO command (Ctrl + Z)... What to to expect! I remember long time ago, creating HVAC equipment using the MV part method, was a piece of cake for me.... But I hear that this method should not be used to create fittings (duct/pipes etc) .... It's only for equipment! Are there disadvantages for that? Is there, somewhere... or someone, who has a collection of duct fittings to be used with AMEP.. I mean that which are created as parametric parts... I wonder if you guys would feel okay sharing with us what you have, just like the old days when we shared Autocad blocks and details! That's it for now, Thanks in advance.
  17. If you vertical product users wouldn't mind, could you send me a small sample DWG file created with a vertical product (except Civil 3D - I have plenty). Just a small sample drawing that contains some objects specific to the vertical product. Thanks. rkmcswain__at__yahoo__dot_com
  18. Hi All, I have recently started using MEP 2011 and I have found that when I attach a part number tag to a duct or pipe item, it has a leader automatically added. I need to lose the arrow. Any ideas anyone? It's driving me crazy!
  19. NorCalJess

    MEP Startup

    Hey all, I'm new here so forgive me for not knowing proper protocol, etc. Does anyone know if there is a step-by-step instruction document of how to setup a new MEP Revit job, using an architect's model? There used to be a few resources with older versions of Revit but now 2011 looks completely different and it's like I'm starting over. Can we still copy/monitor or is that called something else now? Thanks!! Jess
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