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Inserting Multiple Dynamic Blocks Utilising X,Y,Z From Excel

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We are a small land surveying business in the UK and have had a few jobs recently where we have had to survey and show a lot of trees.


The usual way we do it is to insert the block over each of the points and update the dynamic block so as the tree spread and trunk diameter are shown at the correct size. We also have a property for tree number. Once this is done we undertake a data extraction process which gets the tree properties into excel so we can list out each tree and display this as a table.


We are finding the process of inserting the dynamic blocks & updating the properties for each tree to be a bit cumbersome. 


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to speed the process up.


I have had a look at some VBA code however none seem to account for any dynamic block elements.


Can anyone help?

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I have a spread and trunk dynamic block it uses the description to work it all out s3*t3 spread 3m radius trunk 0.3m dia. It searches for a known block. It does though use CIV3D points.


Need a dwg to see what you have to start with. Depending on how you start with the points like pt,x,y,z,desc even simpler but I have to change the code. Only need a few points.


This is a built in feature of "stringer" www.civilsurveysolutions.com.au

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