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Custom scale field expression issue

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I've created a dynamic scale bar linked to a viewport, the field expressions I have used are based upon custom annotation scales that have been created within the template which appears as so...



Everything works as intended until I add an xref into the drawing. It appears that the xref scales are superseding the custom scales that I've made?



Anybody have any ideas on how to prevent this?



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So it sounds like you are xref'ing in your titleblock along with the viewport (which would be very frustrating anyway).

But my understanding of dynamic blocks is that if you include them as part of an XREF they lose their ability to change values.


If you are stuck on using the dynamic scaling bar you could probably figure out a way to incorporate everything into a standard titleblock "block".

Though in order to scale the viewport correctly I'm pretty sure you would need to explode the whole thing first.


Not sure how that would affect your dynamic block though.  BUT the idea is that if you use the dynamic block as a block "within a block", exploding the parent titleblock would leave the dynamic block intact (in theory).  that's a lot of blocks.



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