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WMFOUT - Image Frames will NOT turn off!!


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Autocad 2019


I’m using the WMFOUT command with some RGB images inside a drawing. (Model space)

The image frames cannot be turned off for WMFOUT.

If I plot the file the frames are OFF!

Seems only WMFOUT is having a problem.


Here are my settings that I thought controlled the display






Ps:The FRAME system variable overrides the IMAGEFRAME setting


Reading MANY posts concerning this on the web and nothing I’ve found works.

I’ve tried toggling IMAGEFRAME ON/OFF, and have changed ALL the other settings to Display then back to not display

And then to display but not plot and back again.

Tried rebooting.

Tried Export vs WMFOUT.

Tried changing one setting at a time.

Tried creating a brand new drawing from scratch.

I've tried several different images.

I’ve tried Using Image/Attach and Copy/Paste Special.


I’ve found nothing that works.


Please, please, PLEASE help!!

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Can you export to some other format (such as PDF) and then convert/import it to WMF? Can you use the Export command instead of plotting/saving?

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Sorry forgot to mention that I tried EXPORT as well.


Adobe Acrobat does not export a PDF to a WMF.

Not that I see anyway...


I sometimes create hundreds of these WMF files so,

going through several programs to end up as a WMF would not be a desired choice...

And they have to be WMF for use by a third party.


WMFOUT has worked perfectly in the past.

Some setting somewhere has changed.

That's what I'm thinking anyway.


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It doesn't matter what drawing I use.


I create an empty drawing from scratch and insert a single image and I get the same result.

It is not drawing specific.

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