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Surface FG Stationing


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I'm trying to help one of our designers solve this here but I'm not having much luck.  He's created an alignment, and finished grade.  However when I go to profile creation - the stationing doesn't show up.  It just shows a blank for the FG stationing.  EG has a start and end but the FG surface has nothing.  How do I fix this without having to make a whole new alignment?



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First, I would make sure the surfaces are synced and displaying correctly. 

As long as they are showing up correctly the profile command should work.


Also make sure your FG surface is set to design in profile view properties.


I've heard you can experiment with adding a .001m offset and some people have had success with that working (for whatever reason).

So it could have something to do with the placement.

I'm not a C3D expert by any means but hopefully this will help.



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Unfortunately I've done all that.  I'll suggest the .001m offset but I'm skeptical that will work as I doubt it'll affect the stationing issue.

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In earlier versions I saw a problem like this. At the exact point where the stationing begins, there must be some part of the FG surface. In other words, the alignment has to have something to attach itself to. If that point isn't there, the rest of the process stops. No error message, no warning, just nothing. As Ammobake notes, that .001 could make all the difference. I would make the surface and the alignment visible and make sure they connect at the beginning.


The alignment can move off of the surface once it's started. It will give you no data if there's no surface, but it has to have a surface at station 0.


One other test (if you haven't checked it already) is to make sure the FG surface is where you think it is. Sometimes we skip over the most obvious diagnostics.

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