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Pline by Excel VBA


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Hi all, i have small problem i am new in VBA and i am trying to write easy script in excel vba... i want to make a polyline from points i use this syntax, i cant find mistake but when i run macro it show me error 91 


Can someone help me, thanks a lot

Sub pline()

Dim plineObj As AcadLWPolyline
Dim Points(0 To 15) As Double
Dim AcadDwg As AcadDocument

'Define the polyline Coordinates XY, XY, XY .....
Points(0) = 0: Points(1) = 0
Points(2) = 1: Points(3) = 1
Points(4) = 5: Points(5) = 3
Points(6) = 4: Points(7) = 6
Points(8) = 8: Points(9) = 8
Points(10) = 20: Points(11) = 0
Points(12) = 25: Points(13) = 5
Points(14) = 100: Points(15) = 100

' Create a lightweight Polyline object in model space
Set plineObj = AcadDwg.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(Points)

End Sub

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A google revealed a subtle difference, Works now.


Just a comment if your going to make a sub pline then it would be better to make the number of points non fixed and pass to the function X & Y & Z as required. Note requires a minimum of 2 points. I do most in lisp so sorry. 


Set plineObj = AcadDwg.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(Points)
Set plineObj = Thisdrawing.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(Points)


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