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Block property changed itself

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We use targets (some use different terms) to show where a detail is cut. The target is a simple block. Sometimes you want to show the cut facing left, sometimes right, so the scale is not uniform.


Until today. I opened a drawing and found that some of the targets were missing. After some hair pulling, I found that most of them in one annotation scale had gotten mirrored across the Y axis (I guess). Their Scale Z values had become negative. Not only that, their Scale Uniform property was turned on. I fixed the problem by making the Scale X value negative (it hadn't changed) and then making it positive again, which turned the Scale Z value positive.


I've fixed the drawing, so I can't post it. I have two questions, and I don't really expect any answers. First, what would make a block spontaneous turn on the Scale Uniformly property? Second, what would make it change the Scale Z value negative, even when the Scale Uniformly value is on?


Edit: now that the block has Scale Uniformly on, I can't turn it off. Running an audit doesn't fix it. Weird.

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I've seen wierd stuff like this before.


Try using the blockreplace command and reinsert the block with scale uniformly unchecked just to see if it will update everything properly.

I think it should assign the new setting to all the blocks in the drawing.


If needed just create a new "target" block for this purpose and overwrite the old block file since it's doing whacky stuff.  That alone may fix it.


Our of curiosity, are you using standard annotative scales or non-standard/custom?




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