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Map scale and Export to Illustrator

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Hi everyone!


Im a student of architecture in my first year but I'm a total noob when it comes to drawing on CAD. I am designing a pavilion that is going to be planced in one of the squares in the attached DWG file. in which I also need to show on my board some sort of a SITUATION plan and show how the pavilion relate to the surrounding etc etc. 

To the problem now. I took this extraction of the map from the city office so i didnt make this map and supposedly it is drawn in 1:1 scal cause that is obviously how you always draw on autocad or sketchup or whatever program. and then wen you want to print it out you set the scale and the art board. so i import the damn thing to illustrator where i want to create a more asthetic map with these vektor lines and I write scale 1:200 but it becomes a dot on an A4 artboard in illustrator (yes the whole map is reduced to only a dot on an a4) which means that the original scale is of. I wrote to the goddamn city and they said were very ambigious and i didnt really get if the scale is acctually 1.1 or if its something else. so right now im in limbo and i cannot do any goddam thing untill i figure out this . and none of my classmates knows nor does the teacher wanna help she says its not her business to teach us how to import and exports she is merely there to asses our designs and she kinda is right because we had a seperate teacher for the degital tools course.

can you help me please please!! I need all the help I can get. I tried googling and what not but nothing literally nothing worked.

Thank you in advance,



p.s. attached is the map so you can take a look on it see what is wrong with the goddamn thing.


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First of all, I am probably old fashioned, but your style of writing with unnecessary expletives rather grates.


If you got your vector map from the city office, then it would be at 1:1. Just check a width of a street, and then you can form an opinion whether it is to scale and also what units it is drawn in. I would reckon that it is in metre units, and this is also confirmed by checking the system variable MEASUREMENT.


I don't know anything about Illustrator, but if you could write in professional language, you might get some answers. Good luck in your endeavours!


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The best way I find to get a scale drawing into Illustrator is to print to a PDF at scale. Then open this PDF in Illustrator. I wish there was an easier way to do this in Illustrator but I don't know if there is one. There are CAD tool plugins for Illustrator but they are expensive!
Here I have a plan in AutoCAD (see ACAD-1) and I am going to print a PDF at 1/4" = 1'-0"  or (1=48) 
So now I have a PDF printed to scale.
I then open that PDF in Illustrator (see ILLUS-1) and I draw a line from the top of the 4'-0" dimension and Illustrator says that it is 1" long. I can now start a new Illustrator file say at 36"x24" and copy and paste my imported PDF file to scale on this larger art board. Sorry I had to use US units, it's easier for me to explain it that way.
Good luck and let us know how you make out. :)





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